Power and Energy Systems


Nov. 2010

GRAPES Invited Speaker Series

Prof. Renato Rizzo and Dr. Pietro Tricoli provided USC faculty and students stimulating lectures and discussion on the use of renewable energy sources and storage devices in the era of distributed generation.  Prof. Rizzo and Dr. Tricoli hail from the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II. These lectures were part of the GRAPES Invited Speaker Series.  

USC EE faculty members with Prof. Renato Rizzo and Dr. Pietro Tricoli; from left Herb Ginn, Pietro Tricoli, Roger Dougal, Renato Rizzo, Enrico Santi.

The Abstract of their lecture follows:


In the last years, the diffusion of electrical generation by renewable energy sources has modified the traditional topology of distribution networks. The classic electrical grids, based on large multi-megawatt power stations, have been more and more integrated with the distributed generation, where many small generators (ranging from hundred of kW to few MW) are connected to low and medium voltage distribution networks. Two key-points have to be considered when renewable energy generators are involved. The first point is that the generators are usually connected to the grid by means of power converters. The control of the converters allows the management of the energy flows between the sources and the grid and this aspect is expected to become a major component in the field of the global electric power management. The second point is that the power generated is not fully controllable due to the stochastic nature of renewable energy sources. The match with the power required by the loads and that supplied by renewable energy sources can be obtained only using auxiliary energy storage systems.

The seminar presents the state of the art of renewable energy sources (photovoltaic arrays, wind turbines, fuel cells), storage systems (batteries, supercapacitors, hydrogen tanks) and power electronics for interfacing renewable energy sources and storage systems with the grid.





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