Power and Energy Systems

Power and Energy Systems research group, under the Electrical Engineering Department, has four dominant research thrusts:

  • Power electronics and controls for advanced marine power systems, for Grid-connected Advanced Power Electronic Systems, and for renewable energy sources and systems
  • Characterization and modeling of power semiconductor devices
  • Integration of signal processing and information technologies with power electronics and power systems
  • Computational environments for design and virtual prototyping of multidisciplinary dynamic systems

Three major initiatives in these areas – the Electric Ship Research and Development Consortium, the Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Grid-Connected Advanced Power Electronic Systems, and the Virtual Test Bed – each have dedicated links in the navigation pane. These initiatives are highly interdisciplinary in nature and involve researchers from the Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering Departments.  Additionally, each entails many separate projects, and make use of major laboratory facilities that are more fully described in the associated links.


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