GRAPES: GRid-connected Advanced Power Electronic Systems

Research Opportunities

Graduate Research Assistants Opportunities

GRAPES offers outstanding research opportunities for graduate research assistants. Highest priority is given to students pursuing doctoral studies.  This opportunity offers benefits beyond that of many research assistantships because the student researcher has the opportunity to present results twice a year to industry members, to work on industry-driven projects, to discuss real industry problems with those affected by them, and to receive special internship opportunities through the center.  We are particularly gratified that GRAPES researchers often are offered positions at GRAPES member companies upon graduation. 

We seek applicants who are fully committed to their studies, who will work aggressively towards both project and degree candidacy goals, and who possess relevant background skills that have prepared them for these studies. All applicants should have some knowledge of:

  • power electronics
  • power systems
  • computer programming in C, C#
  • simulation tools

Depending on interest area, background knowledge in the following areas may also be required:

  • modeling of power devices, systems, and machines
  • software architecture and design
  • C and C# experience, including familiarity with Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • design of object oriented software systems.
  • circuit theory, including state variable approaches to circuit analysis
  • mathematics and algorithms for solving coupled sets of equations.
  • compilation, translation, or interpretation products and technologies.

Stipends for beginning Graduate Research Assistants range from $6000  to $8000/semester depending on qualifications and degree objective, and increases are awarded for high performance. Research Assistantships also carry tuition remissions worth an additional $1100 - $2900 per semester.

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Undergraduate Opportunities

Research Experience for Undergraduate and Veterans These are 8-10 week programs funded by NSF that provide undergraduates experience in performing engineering research.  These  GRAPES Center  programs are associated with "Smart Grid" technologies.  For more information see:

Research Experience for Undergraduates

Research Experience for Veterans

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