GRAPES: GRid-connected Advanced Power Electronic Systems

At USC, the research program and facilities emphasize power electronics, electronic control and routing of power, and simulation environments that support analysis and design of advanced power electronic systems. Our facilities support projects up to roughly the 100 kW level. A cornerstone of our facilities is the Power Routing Lab, which contains an array of 100kW software-configurable power converters. Descriptions of our laboratories can be found here:

Our partners at the University of Arkansas have a significant facility for testing of power electronics at the grid power levels – up to 6 MVA with 15kV-class equipment – in their National Center for Reliable Electric Power Transmission (NCREPT). The 7000 sq ft facility has four test bays, can accommodate equipment in tractor trailers, and can recirculate power at variable AC frequencies. See the GRAPES headquarters web site for more complete descriptions of their facilities and capabilities.

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