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May 2011

USC hosts the Spring 2011 Semi-Annual Meeting of the GRAPES Research Center

The spring 2011 semi-annual meeting of the GRAPES research center was held at the University of South Carolina on May 17-18.  The meeting was attended by representatives of the GRAPES industry members as well as researchers from the University of Arkansas and University of South Carolina.  Project researchers presented status and research results for their projects.  Dr. Balda (UA) project proposal to study "Power Dense Power Electronic Interfaces for Renewable Energy Sources" was accepted and will begin in July.  Additionally, a pilot study was approved for Dr. Dougal (USC) to explore an expansion of the "Smart Green Power Node" to industrial levels. 

A reception and technical forum where students presented posters of their work was held that giving the industry members the opportunity to discuss the technical details of the work and to provide their suggestions for the work based on their real world experience and their company's interests.  Students remarked afterward that the experience provided them insight into the value of their work and many ideas on future direction for their work.

GRAPES Participants

The GRid-connected Advanced Power Electronic Systems center (GRAPES) is a National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center, established in 2009.  The mission of this center is to accelerate the adoption and insertion of power electronics into the electric grid in order to improve system stability, flexibility, robustness, and economy.  For more information on GRAPES visit either http://vtb.engr.sc.edu/GRAPES/index.shtml or http://www.grapes.uark.edu/.

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