Power and Energy Systems


Dec. 2011

GRAPES Invited Speaker Series

Power Electronic Transformer topologies, control strategies and applications

December 13, 10:00-12:00

Swearingen Engineering Center, Room 3D05  


Prof. Dr. Renato Rizzo, Dr. Adolfo Dannier

Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Naples Federico II


 Technical and technological advances in semiconductor devices, innovations in power electronics, and the development of new magnetic materials with low loss densities at higher operating frequencies encouraged to consider the opportunity to replace the traditional bulky low-frequency transformers with reduced volume and weight Power Electronic Transformers (PET) consisting of power electronics in conjunction with a medium frequency transformer. This new type of transformer convert the energy in the distribution system and extend the functions of the conventional power transformer performing either voltage transformation or power quality functions, using power electronics both on primary and secondary sides of the transformer. Several integrated power quality features such as instantaneous voltage regulation under load dynamics and transients, voltage sag compensation, power factor correction, and harmonic suppression can be incorporated into PET, thanks to the application of power electronics technology.

The seminar presents topologies and control strategies of PET and their applications in power distribution systems and in traction.





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