Power and Energy Systems


April 2011

Power and Energy Systems Researchers participate in Electric Ship Conferences

Twenty PES researchers, faculty and research assistants, traveled to Alexandria Virginia to participate in the Electric Ship Research and Development Consortium's (ESRDC) annual meeting and the Electric Ship Technology Symposium (ESTS).  The ESRDC meeting provides members a forum for technical interchange and for setting next year's research direction.  ESTS brings together Navy, industry, and university researchers from around the world to discuss technical challenges for making future electric ships more capable and less costly.



ESRDC Participants include researchers from USC, Florida State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mississippi State University, US Naval Academy, Naval Post Graduate School, Purdue University, and University of Texas.

Four researchers presented papers at ESTS.  Following are the paper titles:

  • Branch Circuit Protection for DC System. 
    Presenter: Ugo Ghisla
  • Soft Reclosing of Fault Current Limiters in Electric Ship Power Systems. 
    Presenter: Dr. Yucheng Zhang
  • Fault Current Reduction using Inverter Controlled Energy Storage for Ship MVAC System. 
    Presenter: Asif Anwar

The USC researchers report that they came away from the meeting with a renewed appreciation for and better understanding of the work being done at the other universities.  They also had discussions with researchers on projects complementary to theirs that will help them with their own work.  In addition, the 5 day trip proved to be a team building exercise, taking the researchers out of the labs and classrooms and giving them opportunity to discuss their work in a more social environment and to enjoy a few of the DC area's attractions.

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