Power and Energy Systems


June 2011

Dr. Santi invited to Present Paper at ECCE


Prof. Enrico Santi will present an invited paper at a session on system-level issues in power electronics at the 2011 IEEE 8th International Conference on Power Electronics - ECCE Asia in Jeju, Korea from May 30 to June 03, 2011. ICPE 2011-ECCE Asia is the international conference for the exchange of information regarding research and development in Power Electronics and its related fields, which brings together both researchers and practitioners from diverse fields. The paper is entitled “Tools to Address System Level Issues in Power Electronics: the Digital Network Analyzer Method and the Positive Feedforward Control Technique,” and the authors are Enrico Santi, Hyoung Y. Cho, Adam B. Barkley, Daniel Martin, Antonino Riccobono. The paper reviews two tools developed by the Power electronics Group at the University of South Carolina to address system level control issues in power electronic distribution systems: the positive feedforward control technique and the digital network analyzer method. Using the positive feedforward control technique, a DC-DC converter can at the same time control its output voltage and stabilize the input DC bus. The digital network analyzer method gives a converter the capability to measure small-signal transfer functions and impedances at its terminals. This information can be used for monitoring and control adaptation.




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