Power and Energy Systems


December 2010

Five Graduate Degrees earned by PES Researchers


Four students, Adam Barkley, Rashed Bhuiyan, Huimin Li, and JingJiang Wang, completed their program of study this semester and were awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering, and Jason Tucker earned the Master of Science degree. 

Pictured left to right Drs: Asif Khan, Roger Dougal, Huimin Li, Mohammod Ali, Rashed Bhuiyan, Enrico Santi, and Adam Barkley

Following are the dissertation/thesis titles for the graduates:

  • Adam Barkley: dissertation title: Identification, Monitoring, and Control of a DC/DC Converter System using Digital Network Analyzer Techniques. 
    Advisor: Dr. E. Santi.d
  • Rashed Bhuiyan: dissertation title: Proximity Coupled Non-Intrusive Wireless Sensors for Monitoring and Diagnostics. 
    Advisor: Dr. M. Ali.
  • Huimin Li:  dissertation title: Sensor Failure Detection and Reconfiguration for Self-Healing Power Electronics Control. 
    Advisor: Dr. R. Dougal.
  • JingJiang Wang: dissertation title: Theory and Application of Joint Time-Frequency Analysis on Health Monitoring of Electric Cable and Guided-Waves Detection of Structural Corrosion. 
    Advisor: Dr. J. Shin.
  •  Jason D. Tucker: thesis title: Power-Hardware-In-the-Loop (PHIL) Considerations and Implementation Methods for Electrically Coupled Systems. 
    Advisor: Dr. E. Santi.
Congratulations, All!


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