Power and Energy Systems


April 2014

Electric Ship Technology Symposium 2015

The ESTS 2015 is tentatively scheduled for June 22-24, 2015 in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. The participants come from commercial and military ship end-users, shipbuilders, port operators, classification societies, machinery and equipment manufacturers, research institutes, universities and others organizations around the world to present their views, opinions, experiences and their studies, research, designs and future advances.

ESTS 2015 

ESTS 2015 will focus on emerging electric ship technologies in the following major technical areas:

  • Integrated Electric Power System Architectures, including Breakerless and Superconducting DC Systems
  • Electric Ship Design Tools, Methods, and Guidelines (Analysis, Synthesis, Modeling & Simulation)
  • Electric Propulsion and Generation (Machines, Variable Speed Drives, Propulsors)
  • Electrical Power Conversion for DC Distribution, including active current limitation
  • Energy Storage and Pulsating Loads: Integration, Control, and Impact on System Performance
  • Power Distribution, Cabling, and Grounding
  • Protection, Reconfiguration, and Survivability
  • Power System Control Methods and Architectures

The call for papers can be found at: http://ests15.mit.edu/call_for_papers.php



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