Power and Energy Systems

Power Sources Lab

Ph.D. student Mark Blackwelder prepares
to test a 35W fuel cell hybrid power source

Graduate students and research faculty associated with the power sources laboratory

A new permanent magnet motor on
the test stand

Ph.D. student Teems Lovett
building a permanent magnet motor

Facilities of the Power Source Laboratory:

Equipment in the power sources laboratory, including dSpace controller.
  • 10kw DC power supplies;
  • Programmable power supply with GPIB interface;
  • Programmable electronic load with GPIB interface;
  • Digital oscilloscopes, including one with Ethernet port ;
  • LabVIEW hardware and software;
  • dSPACE controller hardware and software;
  • H-Power 35 W PEM fuel cell stack;
  • Various batteries (Li-Ion, Zn-Air, LiSO2, Alkaline, etc.);
  • Supercapacitors;
  • DC-to-DC power converters;
  • Precision motors;
  • Precision dynamometer for testing machines of 100 W - 20 kW;
  • Precision torque transducers covering the range 0.1- 200 Nm ;
  • Permanent magnet dc motor;
  • Reluctance motor;
  • Miscellaneous computers.

Programmable power sources and loads

Motor testing equipment

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