Power and Energy Systems

Energy Routing Lab

Director: Dr. Herb Ginn

The research performed in this lab is concerned with the design, development, evaluation, and control of power routing methods and electronic devices to improve power system quality and reliability.

The lab is equipped with five American Superconductor Power Electronics Building Blocks (PEBBs) which are configured as multipurpose bi-directional power converters. Each PEBB is rated at 175kVA, 480V, and contains a custom-made software-reconfigurable controller that permits the modules to function as in modes such as AC-DC, DC-DC, DC- AC or AC-AC power conversions. The five modules can be configured together to build up larger systems, including configurations that recycle the power within the laboratory, thereby permitting operation at higher powers than would otherwise be possible with the installed power capacity.

Other lab equipment include multiple: DC power supplies, power analyzers, function generators, transformers, load banks, and electric machines.

Projects related to this lab include:

  • Protection
    Methods for control-based suppression of fault currents
    Fault protection for DC power systems
    Positive Feed Forward control to stabilize the voltage of a DC bus
  • Power Distribution
    Packet-based energy flow methods
  • Controls
    Multi-Agent control of PEBB-based power electronic systems
    Real-time emulation of load zones on a ship based on real time simulation models
    Reconfigurable network-based controllers for ship power systems
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