GRAPES: GRid-connected Advanced Power Electronic Systems

Potential Members

Member Benefits

The benefits of membership in GRAPES to our industry partners are widespread, from strategic to logistic to interpersonal.

Membership Information


Center Members share rights to the GRAPES research portfolio, including rights to license new intellectual property. Papers, theses, dissertations, and presentations produced by the Center, including those of commercial value, are available free of charge to members, subject to foreign export, confidentiality restrictions, or other restrictions imposed by a sponsor. Members have many opportunities to contribute to GRAPES research and education programs by serving as industrial mentors and/or thesis committee members where appropriate. Members have regular interactions with the Center’s faculty, staff and students. Members can propose case study problems, specific research problems, or focus areas for research.  They help to develop the technology roadmap for the center.


  • Foster relationships for industry/university collaboration within and beyond membership
  • Reap benefits on research and development challenges from industry/university mix
  • Pursue joint funding opportunities from the US Dept of Energy, Dept of Defense, etc.


  • Vote on priority projects and assign resources to achieve project objectives
  • Refine project goals to best address industry needs 
  • Identify deliverables of projects to maximize technology transfer 
  • Gain a broader and deeper understanding of current technology landscape and challenges
  • Obtain actionable information from unbiased sources 
  • Strengthen insight for corporate decision-making about emerging and future trends 
  • Gather value from emerging research results, prior to publication


  •  Leverage your relatively small investment by the investments of other members
  • Reap research results far larger than your own funding could produce
  • Exploit synergy from common interests amongst members as a force multiplier
  •  Drive technology trends via compounded results from research greater than sum of its parts
  • Pool resources to build experimental testbeds beyond budgets of individual members
  • Rely on expertise developed over a vast array of other research programs to rapidly advance the GRAPES research agenda


  •  Meet and interact with other key industry players including suppliers and customers
  • Meet and interact with key players in relevant government agencies
  •  Meet and interact with key players in academia


  •  Watch students mature, then hire the best. BS, MS, full-time, interns, co-ops.
  • Hire highly educated and experienced graduates with leadership and communication skills
  •   Consult with a broad range of faculty experts


  • Strengthen your personal presence and reputation among industry peers
  •  Solidify recognition of your company as an industry leader

Technology Transfer

  • Use research ideas to inspire and drive new projects and products
  • Apply research results in your company’s projects and products
  • Use our resources to inexpensively prototype projects and products


New Member Resource Kit

Top 10 Reasons to Join GRAPES

These will arm you with information to convince leaders within your company that membership in GRAPES provides tremendous benefits.

GRAPES Membership Agreement

All Memberships in the center are governed by a standard member agreement. Become familiar with the terms and conditions here.


The Center operates under a set of Bylaws that have been developed by the Industry Advisory Board in collaboration with the affiliated Faculty. The Bylaws are periodically reviewed and updated. Here is the current version.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Prospective Members are generally permitted to attend one semiannual review meeting to better appreciate whether membership in the center is a good fit for their company. Since the research presented in the meeting belongs to the member companies, any prospective new member that has not yet signed the Membership Agreement must execute this standard NDA prior to attending the meeting.

Become a Member

To join the GRAPES Center at USC, contact:

Roger Dougal

or Richard Smart


Columbia, SC 29208 803-777-7000
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